Santa’s Little Helper

Quinn Magnus. If you’re going to sit right in the middle of what I’m trying to do, I’m going to make you wear a hat and take your picture. Please go flop on and couch and keep an eye out for the Hoomins in Brown. I’m expecting them!

For those wondering where Enza is, she’s taken to licking the tree. It’s weird.

Stay tuned…

WIP Wednesday – 12/17/14

In my quest to never finish the sleeves of my silver sweater, I cast on some mittens! Okay, that’s not totally true, I have worked on my sweater but I needed something small to shove in my purse.

These are improvised flap mittens. I’m making the mitts first and then I’ll eye-ball the flap and thumb. The thumb is going to be a cool trick I saw on Ravelry. You knit a hole just below the thumb knuckle so you don’t have to make a separate thumb flap. It’s going to be awesome, trust me.

Sty tuned…

Just a little Cheer!

I love pulling the ornaments out every year and thinking about where each one came from; The brass teddy bear from Grandma, the glass sax for the Husbeast who plays Tenor (or is it Alto?!), The German Pickle…and all the plastic ones that have been plucked off the tree and dropped on the floor.

My child-proofing skills are being tested but that’s okay. The wonder of Christmas is definitely soaking in. No ornament or scrap of wrapping paper is safe.

Stay tuned…

Knitting! Baking! Oh My!

Just poking my head in…or not…to say I’m alive and knitting! Whipping up this quick cowl…which I can not try on as I go because my head is ginormous. It’s cool, it does inspire me to whip up a hat…maybe if there’s yarn left over….

Anyway, as promised, The Fa La La bucket list is coming along very nicely! The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The cookie dough is only been sampled raw. And the 25 book Advent Challenge is going better than I ever thought. Santa is making a house call next week.

I never thought I’d be a parent who took Christmas this seriously but, holy crap, is this fun. I’m taking lots of pictures and I’ll share some goodies with you later this month. Until then, I’ll probably drop in with some wordless posts. I’m juggling my personal pages as well as the blog’s pages. I’m trying to include everyone in our Holiday adventures! I hope you are enjoying the season as much as I am!


Stay tuned….


Happy December!!! I hope you enjoyed the November Thankful Challenge. It was fun to write and I very much enjoyed all the feedback and lovely comments! Thank you!

If you don’t follow my social media pages, you might have missed all the fun stuff I was doing during the challenge. I didn’t want to interrupt the thankful posts, so I kept y’all updated there. Because I love making collages, here’s the condensed version of the fun:

Lots of FO’s (even some yarn!), a fiber fest, the annual family wreath making, and of course FOOD!

December may be a little quiet on the blog front. For our first “coherent” set of holidays, we’re working hard to instill the wonder of the holidays. That means we have a Fa La La Bucket list: Santa, Holiday Tours, Christmas Bazaars, Light shows, cameras, discount ticket books, glitter, tinsel, cookie dough, the whole kit-and-ka-boodle. We have lots of stuff planned with family,  friends…and Santa.

(Seriously. I know him and he makes house calls.)

I’ll pop in from time to time to share the fun! What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions?



Stay tuned….