Finished Objects!

I meant to post this on a Friday but I couldn’t wait! I warned you the blog would get quiet, lots of fun stuff going on. The garden(s) are exploding with veggies (and weeds!). I’m following along with TdF but didn’t join a an official team.  On top of kids stuff, I’m working on something mom-humor related. It might be a new chapter for me. We’ll see. My craftlife sans spawn is getting smaller and smaller. And finally, I’ve been a knitting machine. I have THREE, count em, THREE finished objects to share!

Knitted Quinn to match Knitted Enza. A copycat Princess Charlotte bonnet as well as a quick little hat for a friend.

I’ve got another hat on my needles and fiber on the wheel. As usual, keep an eye on my Instagram for up to the minute craftwhore moments.


Stay tuned…







Yesterday, my fellow volunteers and I played around with a demo we’re doing for the community garden tour. Along with our garden, we’re going to make cyanotypes! Basically it’s like old school photography for plants. You have special paper or chemicals, plants and lots of sun. It’s all part of my master plan to make the historical society a more kid-friendly place.

First, you pick cool looking plants or lay out lace (which I will try on the day of the event) on special paper. You can get “sun paper” at the craft store. Then you take your arrangement outside.

Next, you wait until the paper changes color. The earlier in the day, the shorter the time it needs. We did this around 5pm and it needed about 5 minutes. We brought it inside and soaked it in water. After a few minutes, pour a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in and watch it turn super blue!!!

I really dig how mine came out. I framed it so we’d have a few finished examples. Our intern works at the local art museum and they have cyanotypes that are over 100 years old!

Now back to weeding the garden. The recent rain has created quite the jungle of weeds to tackle!


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Garden Peek!

So far, still have green thumbs! My first totally organic garden is looking good!

I have three tomatoes, a pepper, an eggplant, one cuke, one zuch, three strawberries, four lettuces and as of today: two beans. That’s not counting the herbs: mint, rosemary, basil, dill, tyme and parsley. I have some sunflowers sprouting too.

The only thing I’m a bit worried about is my eggplant. The temperature has been wonky so I don’t see much fruit coming in. We’ll see.

I’m also helping out with the historical society garden. Mostly I’m pulling and watering there. That garden has a lot more variety, I’m not ready for that kind of commitment at home. I am ready for my share of the bounty though. I can’t keep up with the veggie/Berry demand caused by Spawnbeast. That kid hasn’t met a veggie he didn’t like.

Also part of my organic garden adventure: pest control and fertilizing. I think I’m doing okay. I hope I don’t have the nitrogen issue I had last year or the grub issue. I think I learned my lesson but again, we’ll see!


Stay tuned…

Saturday Spinning FO – 6/13/15

First of all, happy Knit in Public Day!!! Hope you get out there and knit!

I meant to post yesterday, but as you can probably glean, microblogging is more my speed lately. I’m digging Instagram, it’s really working for me.

Anyway! I made yarn!

This fiber really fluffed up after the wash and whack. It’s sooooooo soft. Rambouillet is definitely one of my favorite fibers to spin.

Now I must think about TdF this year. I have a single of clown barf to spin and then I think I’ll spin some primo alpaca from my fiber farmer friend.


Stay tuned…

First Harvest of 2015

We have lettuce! We have one very juicy strawberry!

This year’s garden is going well! I’m thinking of adding more strawberries. Spawnbeast really loves helping pick the berries. My herbs are doing really well in their new home on the railing and my DIY trellis for the vine veggies is working! More on my garden hoe adventures later!


Stay tuned…









Craft Retreat 2015

Last month, my family took a craft retreat for my grandma’s 90th birthday. We all chipped in and booked an old restored farmhouse in the heart of Amish country. To say it was amazing and I had a blast is an understatement.

The house was built in 1838 and is run by a Mennonite family who rent it out to quilters, knitters, book clubs and more. It’s nestled between family farms. I’m not a middle-of-no-where kind of girl, but this was my kind of no where. The house was fully stocked, filled with quilts and was totally relaxing. We cooked all our meals in the kitchen, did our crafts in the classroom and all nine of us had our own bedrooms and bathrooms.

I got so much done in one weekend. I finished a bobbin on the wheel and start a new one. I make significant progress on my Nanook cardigan and I had time to mosey around the property, hit up the local fabric store and take a picture with every devotional that was hanging in each bathroom. While I was doing all that, my aunts made quilt tops, my other aunt learned how to use her new sewing machine, my mom made a blanket, my sister embroidered/cross stitched a snarky wall hang, my cousin caught up on her books amd used the on site gym, my grandma designed a baby sweater and much more.

We already booked next year’s retreat. And I’m already trying to convince the knitting ladies how badly we need a little r&r in Amish country. I seriously did not want to come home but I missed my redheads.

If you ever  get the opportunity to take a retreat, do it. I felt so refreshed after having a whole weekend devoted to my favorite hobbies.


Stay tuned…