What Are The Whippets Up To?

If you don’t follow my social media pages, you probably noticed a lack of whippets on the blog. I thought I was being a creepy dog lady so I have kept it to a minimum. I post a lot of E&Q pics to my Facebook page, so if you ever need a fix, they are just a like away…

But since a kind follower asked, E&Q have returned!

Enza has been spending the days sleeping, stealing Quinn’s food and farting into the AC vents. We’ve gotten her to lose a few pounds, but she’s still the Mama Cass of whippets. She keeps telling us that she’s “big-boned” but we keep telling her that we saw her as a puppy and her story doesn’t hold kibble. She loves the human puppy (AKA Spawnbeast) and loves licking him until he isn’t sticky anymore. She also loves his toys. His toys are her toys but not the other way around. Here she is when we got one of those play rugs that you play cars on:

Why is there no damn dog park on this thing?!?

Quinn continues to live the dream. I absolutely think that Quinn was a really good person in a past life and was rewarded by being reincarnated into a spoiled whippet. He knows it too. Some days, I’ll go out into the back yard and find Quinn sitting on the hill, nose up with his eyes closed just enjoying the breeze. He’s seriously the most content dog ever.

When he’s not having an Eat, Pray, Love moment, he’s napping. Or eating. Or forcing one of us to cuddle. He too, loves the human puppy but from a distance. He finds that human puppy is grabby so he tries to stay away unless it’s around the high chair or the crib. Here he is when it was story time:

why does Hoomin puppeh has a dog bed with bars?

These dogs keep it interesting. Never a dull moment in this house thanks to whippets. Hope this has satisfied you whippet fix!!



Stay tuned…



Friday is here!

When I was working, Fridays were a lot more exciting. Now, they are just another day, since everyday is part workday part weekend for me. I try to combat this feeling by doing various things like going to see the train at Wegman’s and raiding the pantry to try something new for dinner. Today, I happened upon a pouch of Campbell’s Skillet Sauce in the Sweet and Sour chicken flavor. Because I rarely follow directions, I decided to fry up some chicken and have a faux Chinese take out night for dinner.

First, I whipped up a simple batter for the chicken and heated up some oil:

Hot damn, I forgot just how messy wet batter is. Seriously. This isn’t a beer batter, it’s just a simple milk, eggs and flour batter. Kinda like funnel cake batter but without the sugar and regret.

After I fried up the chicken, I warmed up the sauce:

Campbell’s really took some liberties when calling this “Sweet and Sour” sauce. It’s Asian-y but not exactly as advertised. It was more like a very mild General Tso’s mixed with some pineapple. It is tasty, so I will give them that…

Anyway, Here’s all my fried chicken. After they cooled, they lost a bit of their crunch, so I threw them in the oven for a bit.

I forgot to mention, as this is all happening, rice is cooking. Now the Asian-like sauce meets the chicken!

I tried to do that thing that wing restaurants do when they mix meat with sauce. That flick-of-the-wrist-bowl-thing.  I almost got sauce all over the kitchen, but I looked really cool doing it.

Now it’s time for the Plate PrOn:

It was delicious. I wish I made dumplings or had egg rolls on hand. The Husbeast was impressed with my efforts and he wants to try making tempura.


That is another blog post for another day. I’m still scraping batter off the back splash.


Happy Friday.



Stay tuned…



Tuesday FO!

I finished these yesterday but I’m finally able to blog about them today. Easy knit, super fun and fast but I’m at a crossroads: Do I cast on another pair OR do I cast on a cardigan OR do I knit the sleeves of my current sweater WIP? Decisions, decisions. With my WIP sweater, I’ll have to do some sleeve math (which I hate). The cardi or socks would be more fun and faster…hmmm…

Anyway, I’m not going to knitting tonight. Dev, me and the kids spent the day at the zoo. I’m exhausted. As much as I want my weekly soosh and knitting fix, I’m too pooped to party. Looks like a PJ’s and DVR kind of night pour moi!


Stay tuned…

a WIP and a FO Wednesday!

Hello! I am coming out of the shadows to blog! It’s been crazy busy around here. I’m working on Spawnbeast’s party. I’m totally over-doing it, but it’s his first and I want amazing pictures to show him when he is older. Plus, I’m a whore for a good art project. Have no fear, I will share all the good stuff at a later date.

Today, I will share other fun stuff like a little sewing FO! Way long ago, I told you about my newest (and oldest) sewing machine. It’s a 1912 Singer “Sphinx” Treadle machine. I finally sat down and figured out how to make it run again! It took a whole day of grease, compressed air and hair-pulling frustration but I did it! I decided to do a mini project on it to see how well it sews actual things. One of my knitting friends posted on Facebook about buying a crayon case for her purse when she goes to a restaurant with her son. I thought it was a perfect project!

I dug through my fabric stash and found everything I need. Less than an hour of work and ta-da:

My machine did great, it got a little dicey with more than four layers of fabric but that’s to be expected. I finally got the hang of treadling but I do need to tighten the drive band. I even worked out the tension to the point where I’m pretty comfortable using this as my main machine.

In other news, I’m on the second Spawnbeast socks. The first one is finished and looks like it may fit the little guy by winter or spring. I’m lucky to get any stitches in these days. Along with Spawnbeast’s party, I’m swamped with Scentsy stuff which is a good thing, I love being busy, but man am I tired. It is go-time all the time.

This picture sums up my life right now. I’m jumping from pile to pile. I can’t wait for fall, I can relax and enjoy the weather. I’ll go on nice long walks, wear sweaters and obsess over all the pumpkin flavored things.

I can’t wait.




Stay tuned….


WIP Wednesday 8/13/14

Knitting burns 88 calories an hour. I’m going to find some sequined short shorts and KNITTERISE!

Not really but now you have that visual stuck in your head.

In other knitting-related fodder: My new project bag is the bomb-diggity. I’m knitting some Spawn socks and the bag is perfect!

I’m stashing busting as usual. I’m making socks that Spawnbeast won’t fit into for a while. I’ll just tuck them away for when he’s big enough. I think I’ll even use them as *gasp* stocking stuffers.

I’m using two sock patterns as guides, but really I’m knitting by the seat of my pants.




Stay tuned…

2014 Swap Package!

Yay!!! After looking at the box for almost a month, opening day is finally here! My swap partner is from Albany, New York! I got all sorts of fun stuff from her area and from her vaycays!

Opening the box:

The contents of box!:

Here is what is in the little baggies, pardon the Spawnbeast’s hand. He was excited for swap package too!

Close up of the Yarn! I also got a little beaded bracelet kit.

Close up of my new project bag. My swap partner knows me well: Now I have a pin to match my bumper sticker!

What is really funny, through post stalking, I think my swap partner and I were in the same part of Virginia around the same time! I didn’t even know there was a cultural museum in Staunton!

So awesome! Thank you Alissa!!!


My other Swap partner (the one I send a box to) is in the Bay area. I sent her some Mennonite Applebutter, little pouches that my aunt made with her Amish quilting friends, some roving from my Alpaca farmer friend, some Scentsy soap and a few other little things.

Great fun!!! I love swaps!



Stay tuned…


I try to keep this blog upbeat but tonight’s news of Robin Williams’ passing just tugs at me. Instead of asking why and watching the media speculate, I’m doing this:

For people who are thinking about suicide, THIS IS A SIGN. THIS IS HELP. Here’s is a link to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


Life has it’s ups and downs and you will pull through this. If you need this message, reach out and get help. There’s no shame and ignore the shrinking stigma of getting mental health help. Be kind to yourself and you will see this through.

Hopefully, no one needs this message but I want to make sure people who do need it, can see it. Followers, hugs the people you love a little closer tonight.

Rest Easy, Robin.