Froyo Update and More!

SUCCESS! That my friends is Froyo! I was so excited (and riding the sugar rush) that I got lots done in the kitchen today.

Right after Froyo, I prepared Spawnbeast’s newest culinary adventure: Peaches!

I no longer use the big food processor, I find that I don’t have to purée his food as much. I use my handy-dandy stick blender with the bowl attachment. I have no idea what the baby food stages are or mean, but I’m guessing I’ve moved up a stage. We are now eating in combos. Usually a veggie with a fruit. Knock on wood, I don’t seem to have a picky eater on my hands. He seems to want to try everything. If there’s something he’s not jazzed about, he eventually warms up to it.

After baby food came dinner. I saw in my coupon mailer that tater tot casserole is a thing again. Since today was pretty chilly, I decided to throw together a tater tot Shepard’s pie.

I start with my go-to freezer veg, ground beef and brown gravy combo:

I made my own brown gravy mix but lost my recipe. It’s bullion, corn starch and a few other things. Next, the tots! My local grocery store sells tots that definitely have onion and other flavoring in them. I’m not wild about that. Next time, I will get Brand name so I know I’m actually getting plain tots. Anyway, after the meat was ready, I prepared my tater hole…

or ramekins…yeah, ramekins….

It took everything in my sugar-hopped being from organizing the tots perfectly

I have a few hours before these get baked for dinner. It’s nap time, so I better go and steal a few stitches!


Spring has Sprung!

I can’t get enough of this weather! I walked out to get the mail and we have flowers! (thank Manic-previous owner who planted random bulbs everywhere!)

It really was nice to take a break and smell the flowers! I’ve been swamped. We’re still power-washing the deck. Those damn HGTV shows would have you believe you can power wash an entire deck in a half hour. In real life, it’s far more work and there’s no sexy Canadian twins in sight! Man, do I feel cheated!

On top of that, the mom-thing is an excellent work out. I pretty much don’t stop from sun up to sun down. Today, I’ve got peas to mash:

…and rooms to reorganize. We got rid of some furniture and I’m all over the place. Where did I get all this crap!?


Did I mention I’m throwing a party for my parent’s wedding anniversary?! Pardon my language, but I am ass-deep in alligators! I’m not complaining, I like being busy. But just in case, I brought some flowers inside so that I can smell them on the fly!

I’m off! This post is brought to you by Caffeine. Keeping me moving since 9am this morning!




Stay tuned….

Way cool…

So at my volunteer gig this week, I was playing around with some old newspapers. Imagine my reaction when I found this ad:

OMG I have that yarn!! Remember when my good friend Elspeth gave me some yarn?! This ad was from 1948, with a little research, my Minerva yarn is probably from the 50′s or 60′s.  I do have some hanks that are probably older, judging by how yarn was packaged back then! Way cool!!!

Apparently there were several shops that carried yarn in my town. It’s too bad they are all gone now.


Have a good weekend. We are power-washing this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazeballs before and after pics!




Stay tuned!

Froyo Friday

Finally got to whip out my prized ice cream maker to make some Froyo!

I just threw this recipe together with things I had around. I used a tub of plain greek yogurt, about a 1/3 cup of honey and a tablespoon of Vanilla extract.

After just a few minutes, it started to look like real Froyo!

Huh. Note to self, It’s hard to capture Froyo in progress. Anyway, I can’t wait until this sets up in the freezer and I can EAT ALL THE FROYO.


Happy Friday! I have family coming into town, so I’ll probably take the weekend off from blogging.




Stay tuned…

Wordful Wednesday.

Lots to say today.

Yesterday was quite a day. I basically didn’t stop moving from the moment I woke up to the moment my head hit the pillow.

Dev and I loaded the car with the kiddos and all their accessories and we set off on an adventure. First we went to the yarn store (Hi Ann!!!) to get some yarn.  I used a gift certificate so I didn’t break my Yarn diet. I went with some M.Tosh Dk in a colorway called “Whiskey Barrel”

It will be a sweater but who knows when I’ll cast on. For now, I shall love it and pet it and call it Yarn.

From the yarn store, Dev and I went on some recon. I’m not ready to share all the details, but we have a super exciting project coming up. It’s fiber related and it’s for a very good cause. Here’s a few shots from the location:

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this project later! The rest of the day was filled with more running around, going to knitting night and sorting through my latest Scentsy orders. So much to do, so little time.

I’ll leave you with a quickie FO. I knit these on Monday after a friend messaged me to say she needed a new pair. I haven’t done “commission” work in years and thankfully my mother was over handling the Spawnbeast.

In exchange for the soakers, she is giving me a box of fresh veggie from her farm. So excited for that!

Okay, time to return to mom duties!



Stay tuned…