Springton Sheep and Wool!

Springton Manor Farm had its annual sheep and wool today. I hadn’t gone in years. It was quite an event: much larger than I remember! I packed up Spawnbeast and the wagon

If you’re a long time reader, you know that Springton is the place I got married. Life has come full circle. I came here as a kid, had my wedding here and now I’m bringing my kid here. We saw the new lambs, piggies and the goats. We even got a special peak at the baby chicks. One of the rangers noticed Spawn looking into the chick warmer and they let us in, VIP style. We also saw Alpaca and the Lancaster Spinners. There were a few vendors selling yarn but I was more interested in kettle corn.

Needless to say, I’m beat! Off to another adventure tomorrow!




Stay tuned…


Friday Thoughts

This sudden cold snap blows. It makes napping in my hammock difficult… Oh yeah and other outside tasks. It does however make for excellent cleaning weather.

Friday is a good day to tackle dust bunnies and daydream. I was deep in random thought when I was about to dust the TV cabinet. Moving my Swiffer wand like a seasoned maestro and humming a Wiggle’s song, I was startled out of my trance.


This is a Dala Horse. I bought one to remember my cousin. It dawned on me that it’s been six months since her passing. It’s amazing how time has flown by. I think of Lori often, I wonder what she’s doing and whose she sitting next to in the big Buffet Dinner in the sky. Grief is such an odd thing


I’m not sad, this isn’t a sad post. It’s a reflective one. While some of the morning was spent with Lori’s Dala horse, the rest of the morning was productive. Cold weather makes me a busy cleaning bee. We’ve been reorganizing the house. My lady lair has once again been replaced with spawnstuff. It’s all good, I still have all my stash tucked away. While cleaning, I got to admire the one tree that hasn’t lost all of its blooms to storms and wind.

The best part is that it’s not my tree!


Time to get back to work. I want to leave myself some knitting time! Happy Friday!


Stay tuned….


WIP Wednesday – 4/22/15


Or in Blogland, the day to share my WIPs. I casted on the last of my Japanese Yarn. I was originally going to make myself another Sheri Shawl but then I saw a pattern called “Rising Sun.” Couldn’t pass up the perfect pairing, so I frogged and casted on with the new pattern. It worked out because I noticed I was reading the pattern backwards anyway. (Thanks pregnancy brain)

I also knit on a few more squares of my scrapyarn blanket. Not only am I playing with pattern but I’m playing with square size too! My other projects are napping, but not for long!

Oh, here’s obligatory Whippet Wednesday photo: Enza, relaxed.

Stay tuned…


Oh hi!

Hello. I kinda took a vacation from blogging. I didn’t think I’d be gone this long, but I promise it was for all the right reasons!

Where do I begin? Lots to share!

First, I started my garden. My seedlings are living on the deck and enjoying life. My compost and leaf mulch are also on the up and up. Lots to do in the yard this year. This year, I will have TWO green thumbs!

I’ve been working! My Scentsy gig is booming and I’m doing some consulting work as well as the volunteer gig. I’m also juggling some activities for Spawnbeast.

The whippets are doing well. Rest assured, they haven’t missed a nap or meal time. They are a bit jealous though, my parents got a puppy. Thankfully, Cookieman hasn’t forgotten the hounds.

In all this business, I am actually knitting! Just not any of the projects I left you with. I got a case of startitis. Totally not sorry. I’m knitting with the last of my Japanese Honeymoon yarn. I’ll share that in a WIP post.

Lastly, the main reason I’ve been away…


Yeah, Spawnbeast is going to be part of the Spawnherd. We’re beyond jazzed. Well, I’m tired but really, really jazzed.


So that’s all folks. I hope to pop in a bit more frequently now that I have some interesting things to share. So happy spring is finally here!


Stay tuned….

Friday Check-in!

Happy Friday!


Spring is so close, yet seems so far! I started my seedlings! I’m getting a head start on spring cleaning and I’m eyeing my closet for warm-weather clothing with wonderlust. I’m trying to be patient…


In the meantime, here’s what I’m working on:

The bottom picture is my latest sweater WIP. It’s the Nanook Cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier. I had a bit of confusion with the edges but it’s all good now.


I’m also trucking away on the Bubblemania scarf. It’s a slower knit just because the lace is so fine. There is no in between with my current projects: worsted or lace. It’s kinda messing with my brain. It’s also Scentsy transition time. I’ve got testers to sort, catalogs to label and much more. There’s some really great new stuff, so I’m pretty excited.


Not pictured: ukulele lessons, staining furniture, singing spawn, snoozing dogs, holes in walls and other fun stuff. Mother nature, please bring spring so all of this can spill outside, please?!




Stay tuned…