Friday Check-in!

Happy Friday!


Spring is so close, yet seems so far! I started my seedlings! I’m getting a head start on spring cleaning and I’m eyeing my closet for warm-weather clothing with wonderlust. I’m trying to be patient…


In the meantime, here’s what I’m working on:

The bottom picture is my latest sweater WIP. It’s the Nanook Cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier. I had a bit of confusion with the edges but it’s all good now.


I’m also trucking away on the Bubblemania scarf. It’s a slower knit just because the lace is so fine. There is no in between with my current projects: worsted or lace. It’s kinda messing with my brain. It’s also Scentsy transition time. I’ve got testers to sort, catalogs to label and much more. There’s some really great new stuff, so I’m pretty excited.


Not pictured: ukulele lessons, staining furniture, singing spawn, snoozing dogs, holes in walls and other fun stuff. Mother nature, please bring spring so all of this can spill outside, please?!




Stay tuned…






Spoiled Whippets

Just in case anyone forgot, the Whippets of the household are still spoiled rotten. Enza and Quinn each got their own sheepy-skins today. Enza wanted to rub it in as she sits upon her faux fur throne.

My Grandma tells this story about how everyone wanted to die and come back as my Granddad’s dog. So I’m blaming genetics for how “abused” these hounds are.


I gotta go. I’m being summoned for a butt scratch.



Stay tuned…



Choo Choo!

It is the slow season for blogging but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy. This is the kinda stuff I’ve been up to: Waking up on the weekends, loading up the car and watching my kid get totally engrossed in something. It’s also neat to watch grown men get just as engrossed in the same thing.


I could be knitting on the couch, but there’s more trains (and Lego’s) to see!!!



Stay tuned…



Friday, again?!

Oh hey, its Friday again. Things have been crazy busy around here but the good kind of busy that makes me forget the days of the week. I’ve been chugging away on that last sweater sleeve. I vow to finish it in time for the fashion photo shoot with the knitting ladies. I’ve also been spinning. I got tired of looking at the same piece of wall so I moved all the furniture around in my Lady Lair to better accommodate my spinning. Call me crazy!

It works out really well, because now my desk is hidden from view and will hide the mess. I’ve taken on some side work and the Scentsy thing has exploded, so it has seen a lot of action. I also like that I can’t see my desk from the spinning wheel. I want to think about spinning and not work.

Hot damn. I just remembered it Friday again! I will definitely try to post again before the next Friday comes around!

Also, Happy Birthday to my dad!


Stay tuned…






Sunday FO!

This was a quick knit thanks to knervous knitting and the kitty/puppy bowl!

The pattern is called 1898 Hat. It is modeled after a hat used by sailors back in the day. I liked it for it’s double knit ear flaps and easy construction. Super easy knit and it looks nice!

The yarn is some basic wool from my stash. Another ball bites the dust – Stash bust 2015!!



Stay tuned…





Instagram and What I’ve been up to!

I’ve come to the Social Media darkside and joined Instagram.

If you are a long time follower, you know Winter is my slow season for blogging. I’ve been doing some side work consulting in social media and Instagram is what everyone wants. So here I am, being hip and with it.

Follow me, my handle is the same: Craftyyuppie

In other news, I’ve been swamped! I have a commissioned knitting project in the works. I’m knitting in exchange of ski lessons. More on that later!

I’ve also been super busy on the mom front. Spawnbeast had his first ER trip and another scare occurred where we found out Quinn shows he is super bonded to Spawn. He alerted us when something was amiss. Quinn’s mom is a medical alert dog for seizures, so it’s amazing Quinn seems to have the same intuition. Anyway, lots going on!

Stay tuned, I’m going out with the girl tonight! We’re painting with a twist and getting hibachi! Will share the fun with you!

Stay tuned…