Pumpkin Shenanigans!

Another year, another pumpkin to go crazy on! Since Spawnbeast is too young to play with sharp things, Husbeast and I decided on pumpkin fun should wait until after bedtime.

Cue the gin & tonics and the matching aprons:

Someone was way too excited about the sharp things…

Before the carnage:

(mini pumpkins for scale)

Husbeast was the keeper of the sharp things and I was keeper of the seeds. Just as I had hoped, this pumpkin had quite the yield of seeds. I think I’ll get at least three batches of roasted seeds out of this pumpkin!

Cleaning the seeds is always a bitch. My two colander approach seems to work the best.

Note to self: a salad-spinner is not a short cut to drying seeds. As my Facebook/Twitter followers saw, it ended badly. Thankfully no seeds were harmed. These bad boys are drying until tomorrow:

Back to the husbeast. We took inspiration from a whippet friend who posted a picture of a whippet jack-o-lantern. Husbeast free-handed the design and then sat with a pairing knife and carved out the design. Here he is, mid-carve:

And here is his hard work:

But here’s the real test! I had to dig out a votive candle out of the deep depths of the junk drawer. Out go the lights and….

Ta-da!!! If it wasn’t so yucky out, I’d put it outside right now! Husbeast and I had fun making a complete mess of the kitchen and then sitting in the dark looking at a dissected pumpkin. We of course cracked the “now we have three demonic whippets” joke. Enza gave us the stink eye and trotted off to a cavebed.

Off to go scrub pumpkin guts off my face. This week it’s pumpkin, next week: apple.

Stay tuned…

Blog Announcement: A Month of Thanks

November 1st is just around the corner!

Every year, in honor of my favorite holiday, I do my best to express my thanks during the month of November. In past years, I’ve had jobs or other commitments that have kept me from going all out on thankful posts. This year, thanks to my sweet gig at home and a little pre-planning, The entire month of November will be full of Thankful posts!

I encourage you to read along and share what you’re thankful for!

Stay tuned…


Frost! There was frost this morning! This morning’s walk was a bundle fest. Mittens, sweater and Calorimetry came out on the walk this morning. I looked like a mismatched knitting bag-lady. It was good to get inside and knit by the fireplace…even if I didn’t get the seat I originally wanted…

Furniture hog.

I’m gonna finish a sleeve today, no matter where I sit! *sips hot cocoa*

Stay tuned….

P.S: Keep an eye out, I’ll be making an announcement on my November Blogging plans!

Not-Really-FO Friday

I have discovered the amazing ability to knit while a child quietly entertains them self in the same room. My yarn does have to be hidden behind the couch to ensure it doesn’t end up a tangled mess in the toilet, but still.

I finished the body and button band of my replacement sweater and I started the sleeves!

That’s means my list of WIPS are 66.66666% percent sleeve. I’m hoping to finish this before I go apple picking or before the next yarn fest. We’ll see!

Enjoy the weekend! Especially all you lucky Rhinebeck-ers! Happy knitting!

Stay tuned…

A Reminder…

I’ve been a little quiet. Before the weekend, we had a sudden loss in the family. I wasn’t in any kind of mood to be social or funny for about two days. I spent a few days getting a hold of family and appreciating my own little family. I don’t know how to begin to tell you about my cousin Lori. She was funny, she was crafty, she was a hoot and a half. She had this adorable upstate new york accent and she smiled all the time. She had a hot pink scooter, she loved rescue dogs. Somewhere I have a picture of me modeling the purse she made my sister and I out of an old pair of jeans. She took me on my one and only camping trip.

Anyway, she was positive as the day is long and this is something she would have definitely shared on Facebook:

I’m lucky that my friends and family have been so supportive and warm during such a sucky time. I am reminded everyday how fortunate I am and how loved I am. I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of girl, just like my cousin. I smile because I can.


Miss you, Lori!




Stay tuned…