Playing in the Snow!!

Snow! 😀😁😀😁😀

Woot woot! It is perfect snowman-making weather! It’s not even noon and we’ve used our new hill in the back yard to go sledding. I haven’t gone sledding in years. I will definitely be sore tomorrow.

Inthe meantime, the rest of the day will be spent knitting, maybe a little spinning, and making some chicken chili. Awww yissssss.



Pottstown KnitOut 2015

What a day! The Pottstown KnitOut came and went! It was a blast. I really enjoyed being in a room with 200 other knitters! I met lots of new friends. The knitting ladies and I shared a table with a mother/daughter pair. The Daughter works at a yarn store near my aunt and both Mother and Daughter were in my knitting backwards class.

I learned a lot from the class. I had learned to knit backwards a few years ago and it didn’t stick. This time, it just clicked! Just for s’ and g’s, I’m going to use the technique on my scrap yarn blanket once and a while.

Along with meeting new friends, I saw some familiar faces! I ran into Eileen from my yarn store knitting group. She invented an awesome way to keep her yarn balls from tangling! (As seen in the top right pic of collage!)

Along with classes and friends, there was food and door prizes! I got lots of food and I won a door prize! It was a gift certificate to one of the vendors. I chose a kit that had a pattern I’ve been eyeing with some cool yarn.


All and all, it was an awesome day. I’m a little hoarse from talking and I’m a bit tired. I’m now relaxing with some vino and my loyal Louet wheel, Julie. Life is good!


Stay tuned…


In case you missed it!

Last night was the annual Taste of Phoenixville. Great event with great food for a great cause. Husbeast and I waddled home. I live tweeted all my plate pron. Here’s a quick recap for those not on the Twitter:

Husbeast and I enjoyed a night out on the town. We clean up real nice!

Today, I’m going through fancy food withdrawal. To sooth this, I’m forgetting about all my chores and spinning on Julie the Wheel. Since I’ll be knitting all day tomorrow with my knitting ladies, might as well give the wheel some loving!


Stay tuned…



WIP Wednesday – 1/14/15

Ahoy! It has already been a busy year! Lots of little projects are getting checked off the list! First of all, my house is a war zone. We built a new door for the kitchen (more on that later), we painted, we rearranged a few rooms and got new couches!!!

 The old couch moved downstairs to its new home in the man cave/home theater. The husbeast is excited, let me tell you. Our biggest resolution this year was to finish up some of the little projects around the house we’ve been putting off. So far, it’s going well. I can’t wait for warmer weather because that’s when its going to get really fun!


I was starting to think this would be a forever WIP. Waffle stitch will be my downfall. I think I can I think I can.


In other news, it’s January which means it is Birthday central. I’m channeling my inner Martha and wrapping presents like a champ:

Finally, this weekend is the Pottstown Knit Out. It’s a cancer benefit that involves knitting classes, yarn, food and friends. I’m excited and I must plan my outfit! I’m taking a class on backwards knitting. Woot!



Stay tuned…





Happy Blogaversary!

Today marks 5 years for the bliggity-blog!

It’s crazy to think just how much has changed over 5 years!

Thanks to all my followers! It’s been fun and there’s so much more to share!

Also, it’s Quinn’s Gotcha day. Enza’s Gotcha day is in a few days. Mini celebration is in order!

Stay tuned…

The Groundhog Day of Knitting!

Anyone who has knit a sweater knows this feeling. I feel like I’m never going to get just FOUR MORE INCHES!

I knit for a while, try on, no progress. Sigh. Knit some more. STILL SO FAR TO GO!! Luckily, to combat this feeling, I have Downtown Abbey and its accompanying specials on my DVR.

Knit knit purl b*tches! Take that forever sleeve! (I may have had too much coffee, disregard inner monolouge spilling onto blog)



Stay tuned….