Birthday Party!

I’ve been keeping my followers in suspense over Spawnbeast’s first birthday and now I can finally share all my craftiness!The party went very well!

I went with a Dr. Seuss theme and ran with it!

Let’s start from the front door: I had a welcome Horton.

And then I went crazy in the kitchen:

All the snacks had “Seussifed” names:

My friend, who opened her own cake business, made Spawnbeast’s “Smash Cake.” It turned out awesome! We also got a Costco cake for the rest of the party guests.

Then on to the living room, where I set up a table for the guestbook (which was really just the Birthday Seuss book that everyone signed the front cover) and some photo albums.

Husbeast also created a slideshow of all the photos and had them running on the TV all day.

We also wore “Thing” shirts. Spawn was number one. Even the dogs wore shirts until Quinn managed to pee on himself.

Last but not least, I had several nod to Seuss all over the house. One of which was this bathroom gag. It got quite a few laughs.

It was an awesome day. We are exhausted and swimming in post-party clean up but it was so worth it.

A bottle of champagne found its way into my house. Time for a mimosa.



Stay tuned…

NJ Sheep and Wool 2014!

We made it!

The NJ sheep and wool is one of my favorite festivals to attend. It’s smaller and more low-key and it’s SO much easier bringing the kiddos along. This was the third year I have gone. I missed last year because labor puts a damper on those kinds of things. This year, Dev and I tackled an hour-long car ride, two kiddos and two of everything that comes with said kiddos. We got to see our favorite ladies (shout out to Deb, Kathy and Nicole!) and eat organic ice cream and say hi to all the animals….including these guys:

We also stopped to see a real “sheep show.” If you know my sense of humor, you know I reveled in commenting “how much of a sheep show this is!”

As with all sheep and wool fests, we had to peak at the sheep dog demos. These dogs were very well behaved. No escapees like at MDSW.

The weather was great. Not very humid with an awesome breeze. I did a lot of window shopping but not a lot of buying. I actually joined the ranks of “Cliche Sheep and Wool Fest Attendee” when I bought a pre-made item at the fest. I bought a bag I couldn’t resist:

First, you can never have too many bags. Second, I hate diaper bags. Ever since I got a diaper bag, I’ve been longing for some other way to carry around my entire life. This is perfect. It has eight (EIGHT) pockets on the inside. Seriously, I can have baby stuff, knitting stuff, Scentsy stuff and anything else and it’s not overwhelming heavy or cumbersome. The picture above is it fully stuffed. Here’s the inside:

The lady is on Etsy, here’s a link to here shop: LunaStitch.

This style is the convertible tote. Anyway, I’m in bag heaven and I’m exhausted. It’s nap time for all.

The blog will be pretty quiet this week, I’ve got some business stuff to do and last-minute party stuff.



Stay tuned…


Faux Taco Bell!

Every once in a while, I get a hankering for Fake Mexican food AKA Taco Bell. Recently, TB came out with a dollar menu. Now that I’m an adult and I’m trying to shed the last bit of baby weight off, I’m cutting fast food out of my life. Thankfully, Taco Bell is one of the easiest Fast Food options that you can re-do at home. Even though I copied something off the dollar menu, it was still cheaper, healthier and easier to make at home.

I made Tostadas!


1 can of re-fried beans

1 Package of Flat corn tortillas

1 package of taco sauce (I had a pack left over from the last time I use one of those taco kits)

1 cup of sliced black olives

1 Cup of shredded cheese

1 chopped tomato

1 Bag of Salad mix. I find the greenest of greens this was the “French Mix”


Warm the beans on the stove. Prep toppings. Assemble all ingredients like a pizza. Eat gracefully…

…or not. Husbeast caught me mid-chomp. If you like having a no-meat day during the week, this would be a great option. I used the low sodium re-fried beans, so the only real salt is the olives.

Do you have a favorite copy-cat recipes? If so, share them! I’d love to give them a try!


Stay tuned…



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Help Me!

Ok, I need a little help! I want (read NEED) to cast on (yet another) sweater. But I have so many yarns that want to be loved and knitted! Since I have 600+ followers, who obviously have amazing taste, I’m going to open it up to you to help me decide!

So here’s the dealio: I’m looking to make a simple top down cardigan. Nothing fancy except that I am going to try Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top Method. Here are the yarn options to be chosen by you! I also welcome comments, so don’t be shy!

1. Mad.Tosh Dk in “Whiskey Barrel.” Colors include browns and grays.

2.Trendsetter Yarns Merino VI in a rich plum.

3. Mystery Worsted Wool from Great Aunt Nancy in shades of light to medium purples. Puppy Butt not included…

4. Vintage Columbia Minerva in Heathered Mustard Yellow.

So now to vote! I’ll keep the poll up until Friday. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you all decide!