FO’s on the go!

Earlier this week, I shared my latest FO: Spawnbeast’s brown socks. Today, they saw some action! I took a photo because I know in about a week or two, he will already grow out of them.

I’m going to finish the sleeves on my gray sweater and get some work done on the body of the replacement cardi (the cardi YOU picked the yarn for!) before I cast on anymore socks. Get ready for some WIP progress posts.

In other news, I was going to be posting about going to the Bloomsburg Fair with my friends from college radio, but Spawnbeast is a tad under the weather. Instead, I’ll be running errands, knitting and lysol’ing all the surfaces. I’m super bummed that I can’t see my friends AND I won’t be eating deep-fried everything. As Marie Antoinette would say: Tres Bummer.

Add That to my Resume.

A few weeks ago, I teased you with this tweet:

Now that I’ve been compensated, I can share! One of my friends from high school owns a personalized flip flop company. You may have seen/heard of them; They became internet famous for their “Follow me, bring beer” flip-flops.

Anyway, Scott needed some last-minute photos and video shots for a trade show and I saw this as my feet’s big break into show business.

(Uses fancy announcer voice) Here’s exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!

The set! I took this picture while I was getting ready for my close-up:

This is how people in land-locked states make things work. Now for the feet!

I’d rank my toes somewhere between Heidi Klum and Giselle. If it wasn’t for my horrendous Teva tan, I’d go full BeyoncĂ©.

Action shot!

My job was pretty much to walk in a straight line and make imprints. It was easy until I kept messing it up. The one thing that could get in the way of my foot modeling career is coordination…

After much practice, I finally got (what they call in the biz) the “money shot”:

Damn, that’s a good imprint.

Fast forward, in return for my modeling skills, Scott made me a pair of custom flip-flops. Guess what I got mine to say?


If my kid wasn’t napping, I’d go to the local sand box at the park and shamelessly take these for a test drive.

On a serious note, Yes. I have hired an agent and my feet do parties. Have your feet people call my feet people.



Stay tuned…

Stocking the Freezer Part 1

Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The air is getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier and I’m stocking my freezer for the winter. This batch of freezer meals is thanks to the garden at my volunteer gig. Here was the latest bounty at the historical garden:

The hot peppers will go to a lady at knitting. (She’s an AZ transplant in fierce chili withdraw.) The tomatoes, green pepper, beans and most of the herbs went to other volunteers. I got the cabbages and a portion of the herbs.

I got home and knew exactly who to call when one comes into the possession of cabbage:

G-money. Or as she’s known on the streets: Grandma. I needed her stuffed cabbage recipe. I can remember as a kid, my grandma would stay with us and when it was the dead of winter, she’d bring out the big pots and put me and my siblings to work rolling meat and rice into cabbage leaves. She’d simmer the pot for hours and then we’d finally get to eat the tender packages serves in a hot tomato broth for dinner.

Fast forward to present day. I’m not going to divulge the exact recipe but I will give you the gist. It’s not my recipe to share with the masses.

First the cabbage:

The historic garden is organic-ish. That means this was the dirtiest cabbage I’ve ever worked with. It was also the freshest. Also, the core was a royal pain in the arse. I finally got it cored as best I could and then I threw some water on. In that time, I made my filling.

As you can see, there is meat and rice. My grandma suggested making raw filling since I’ll be freezing these and she prefers working with raw. What you can’t see is the seasoning. I followed my grandma’s instructions and added a bit of garlic for good measure. If you want to make this, take 2 parts meat to 1 part rice and the seasoning of your liking.

Now the fussy part: boiling the cabbage:

This wasn’t too fun. I’d pull the cabbage, peel off a few leaves and let it soak for some more time. My fingers got prune-y really fast but it was worth it. I took my sweet time because torn leaves equal stuffed cabbage party fouls.

Because I like you, I’ll let you see my tongs. (my tong, a tong-tong-tongs)

…Every post deserves a really bad music reference. Anyway, let the filling begin!!

After all the cabbage was rolled, I portioned it into single meals for two:

After that was in the freezer to chill, I decided to freeze some herbs for the winter too. Here’s my share from the garden:

Chop chop chop and into ice-cube trays:

I love the idea of freezer herbs in the winter. I can just pop a cube into whatever I’m cooking. These used to be baby food trays, but Spawnbeast is totally on pouches or finger foods. I’m glad to see my trays getting some good culinary use.

Well, that’s the first batch of freezer meals checked off my to-do list. I think I’ve got some bean soup and chili on the list next.




Stay tuned…


Tiny Toes FO!


I’m glad I finished these last night! I put them on the Spawnbeast and they already fit perfectly! Oops! I meant to make them larger so he’d have them for the winter. I either must cast on more stitches or knit faster!!!


In reference to yesterday’s post: I bought sock yarn that knits up into tiger stripes. I must contain my excitement for those future socks!!!



Stay tuned….


I just cheated on my yarn diet…



It’s my birthday. I used my Paradise Fiber points and I have a coupon code to get free yarn.



I regret nothing.




Stay tuned…

Birthday Party!

I’ve been keeping my followers in suspense over Spawnbeast’s first birthday and now I can finally share all my craftiness!The party went very well!

I went with a Dr. Seuss theme and ran with it!

Let’s start from the front door: I had a welcome Horton.

And then I went crazy in the kitchen:

All the snacks had “Seussifed” names:

My friend, who opened her own cake business, made Spawnbeast’s “Smash Cake.” It turned out awesome! We also got a Costco cake for the rest of the party guests.

Then on to the living room, where I set up a table for the guestbook (which was really just the Birthday Seuss book that everyone signed the front cover) and some photo albums.

Husbeast also created a slideshow of all the photos and had them running on the TV all day.

We also wore “Thing” shirts. Spawn was number one. Even the dogs wore shirts until Quinn managed to pee on himself.

Last but not least, I had several nod to Seuss all over the house. One of which was this bathroom gag. It got quite a few laughs.

It was an awesome day. We are exhausted and swimming in post-party clean up but it was so worth it.

A bottle of champagne found its way into my house. Time for a mimosa.



Stay tuned…