I paint, you paint, we all paint!

I don’t want to admit what my monthly art supply budget is. It’s to the point that my local craft store calls me when they get a certain brand of paint in…

My friends and family share a lot of craft links with me on social media since the majority of spawn pics are during the day’s craft activity. Today, my sister shared a link to make your own watercolors. We watercolor at least 2 or 3 times a week, so it’s worth a try.

Basically it’s just baking soda, vinegar, corn syrup, corn starch and food coloring. If you think this sounds like a mess, you would be correct.

I find making a mess to be fun but if you don’t want too much clean up, I suggest throwing down some newspaper first. We had a mini science lesson when the vinegar hit the baking soda.


Once you mix in the syrup and corn starch, stirring gets fun. The directions says to stir for two minutes, definitely would do five minutes. For molds, I used an empty paint tray and then two freezer dumpling trays.

The messy part: pouring and mixing colors. Definitely don’t over fill! I had the best luck mixing with a small brush and not a tooth pick. Now they sit in my spare shower while the spawn nap and I knit. I’ve got a shawl go finish and this sock isn’t going to neglect itself…



Stay tuned…

Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome 2016! 2015 will be a hard act to follow but I’m confident it will be a good year filled with memories, adventures and, of course, YARN!

In the first week of the new year, I already have an FO to share!

The pattern is called Imagine When by Joji. Definitely will be knitting this again for myself. I have the perfect yarn planned for it but first I must knit another shawl. This year, I made a list of what to knit in order so I don’t forget like last year…gotta clean out my ravelry queue!

I’m hoping to blog on a regular basis, but not as often as I used to. There’s just not enough hours in the day with my crafts, kid crafts and all of our activities. I am delightfully busy.



Stay tuned…




I would be remiss if I didn’t crawl out of my blog hiatus hole to acknowledge my 10 year knitiversary.


Ten years ago, I was a theater kid with a lot of backstage free time. My grandma gave me a fuzzy pink fun fur scarf kit with size 15 needles. The rest is history.

I honestly don’t know what kind of person I’d be without knitting. I’ve met some awesome people, gained invaluable skills and I’m warm as f*ck.

Here’s to many more years of knitting!


In other news, I’ve successfully had two children for almost two months. It’s crazy and I’m loving every minute. We’re busy making a mess. I’ll return to the blog eventually!


Stay tuned…


RavWeds Swap 2015!

It’s that time of year again! Every year, my friends on rav have a swap! I sent a box to Indiana this year and I received a swap box was from Sarah in Kansas City, Missouri! Today is opening day!!

I have never been to KC but this box makes me feel like I have! Sarah’s husband Timm is a tattoo artist, he drew all over the outside of my package. Spawnbeast loved it, so we hung it up!

I got loose tea that smells amazing, funny postcards, local lip balm, yarn for a utermelon sweater, mustard and real Kansas city BBQ sauce!! Sarah also included some treats for the hounds! I love it all!!

To top off a top-notch Friday, I’m knitting! Woot!


Stay tuned…


Hair Bows!

Hola! Popping in with a blog-able craft project!

You never know how girly you are until you find out you’re having a girl and the price of baby hair accessories. Now, old me would have never bothered but seeing how bald I was in baby pictures and how bald Spawnbeast was, I bow to the hair bow.

I’ve been surfing Pinterest ideas as well as Etsy. I already have everything I need. I have the elastic from my hairband-making days and God knows I have random ribbon, buttons and adornments floating around. So far, I made these:

I have to get back on Pinterest. I want to make some felt flowers and come up with a mobile that matchs my 19th Century Impressionist/Floral theme. I’m going to recover Spawnbeast’s old mobile and go from there.

I’ll pop in again soon!


Stay tuned…