Weekend knitting!

I took a break from organizing the new craft space to squeeze some knitting into my day.

I cast on this:


The pattern is Nori from the newest Knitty and the yarn is M.Tosh in the colorway mineral.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my other WIP, the rocky coast cardi. I just need something mind numbing and more plane-friendly.

The Jojoland scarf I was knitting has been frogged. I hated how the yarn was working up with the pattern. Even though the pattern is written for the yarn I’m using, it looked too busy for my taste. Since it was frogged, I didn’t feel too bad about casting on this project.

The Rocky Coast cardi is getting too big to travel with. I take it to knitting every week but I’ll drive myself nuts if I take it on our trip to San Fran this week. Nori should fit perfectly in my bag.

I better get back to knitting…pretty soon my knitting break will be over and I’ll have to go back to cleaning and organzing!

Stay tuned…

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