FO Friday!

One last knitting post before TdF kicks off!

Here are the Baby Chucks that I made for my friends. As I mentioned before, they are expecting a few months after Cletus is expected to arrive. Once I cast off and put the finishing touches on, I noticed mine are a little more “high top” than the pattern. I think that’s okay though, these just scream punk rock. Anyone who knows my friends will think these are “so them.”

I didn’t have anything to model them, but I figured the nursery makes for a great backdrop for baby knits:

phone 026

phone 027

phone 028

Since you never know how big baby feet will be, I made them a little big so there is room to grow! Once the weather dies down, Imma run these straight to the post office!



Happy Friday!



Stay tuned…..

10 comments on “FO Friday!

  1. ElizabethL42 says:

    Those are SO CUTE!!!!!

  2. cleo14 says:

    Ohmygosh! Those are soo great! What’s the pattern?

  3. These look cool! I’ve seen red ones before I think.

  4. Cori says:

    Honestly, they are going to love them! I love them, so so cute.

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