TdF 2013 – Day 21

Holy crap! The Tour is almost over!!! Where did time go?! What am I going to do with myself after the tour is said and done?????

*deep breath* I still have a few more days!!

Today, I continued spinning the Fiber Optic braid from Dev. It’s lovely stuff. I’m still in the brown section so it’s very hard to photograph. I’ve covered the base of the bobbin, but since I’m spinning a very dark brown, you can’t tell.

phone 016

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s spinning very fine and delicate. I have to pay attention for it gets away from me. So far I love it.

I don’t think I’ll finish spinning it before the end of the tour. I am taking my sweet time. I have no stash left to speak of so I am super grateful to Diane and Dev. The only thing left in my stash is that purple Rambouillet. I wanted to spin that before I even touched the gifted fiber but when I took it out of the bag, the braid was damp. That kinda freaked me out, so I put it in my spare bathroom to dry out.

In other news: I had a doctor’s appointment today so that means I got some knitting done too. That Cinnie Cardi is still trucking along. I really need to power through and get it finished. I want to start knitting with my new yarns!!!

phone 017

That about does it for my Friday. As long as it stays this frickin’ hot, I will continue to be a hermit and stay inside – knitting and spinning to my heart’s content!!


Have a good weekend!!!




Stay tuned….

One comment on “TdF 2013 – Day 21

  1. cleo14 says:

    Sounds fun to be a hermit! I’ll join from this side of the internet.

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