Recipe Rebellion!

I was going to do another product review for those new “Recipe Makers” from Kraft. Then I read the box and was like “Nah, I’m going to do my own this.”

I will start out with I bought this only because I had a coupon. The idea of the “Recipe Makers” kinda goes against everything I’ve said about cooking. (I can’t find the post but somewhere in the archive is the post against hamburger helper.) Anyway, since the box only includes the sauce and not the pasta or packets of unidentified powder, I decided to give it a go…with my own twist.

I decided this recipe rebellion would involve Quinoa. I love Quinoa. It kills me that apparently my love of Quinoa is ruining the lives of farmers in South America. Thankfully, I have only ever bought one bag of Quinoa because Costco sells it in the lifetime supply size.

Anyway, I browned some ground beef with peppers and onions:

Then I added the “Finishing sauce” and black olives. The “finishing sauce” just seems to be verde salsa.

No complaints. It actually tasted pretty good at this point. Next, I added the cooked Quinoa and the “filling sauce.” This sauce seems to be a jazzed-up ranch dressing.

I stirred it all up and here’s the problem with Quinoa dishes: they don’t look pretty. Quinoa has a tendency to make things looks oatmeal-y. The sauces gave the dish an odd color too, like a pinky-brown. It may not look pretty, but it was diddly-damn delicious.

I topped it with cheese and inhaled it.

I have more coupons for the Recipe Makers, so I think I will be trying more varieties. My advice would be to not follow the instructions, use the sauce and do your own thing. It was fast and easy, I cooked this dish in less than a half hour – including prep.




Stay tuned….

2 comments on “Recipe Rebellion!

  1. vjstracener says:

    That has definite possibility!

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