WIPish Wednesday: Facebook Yardsale Edition.

I’m addicted to those Facebook Yardsales. I’ve gotten some really nice stuff off there as well as getting rid of stuff too. On a whim, I posted the play set in our yard. It’s in fairly good condition, it just needs a power wash. It was taking up so much space and Spawnbeast won’t be able to use it anytime soon.

I posted this picture and said “Free. Fairly good condition. Needs power wash. If you can take it apart and haul it away, it’s yours.”

Within seconds, it was spoken for. The guy came this morning to start taking it apart. I assumed he wanted to keep it a play set since he mentioned he had a son. Nope. Get this, the guy is going to turn it into a chicken coop! You know you live in PA when…

Anyway, he made quick work. After about an hour, here’s what it looks like now. He left to go get his trailer.

Quinn is already like, “There’s so much room for activities!”


I guess I need to buy some grass seed…



Stay tuned…


One comment on “WIPish Wednesday: Facebook Yardsale Edition.

  1. cleo14 says:

    A total PA thing! :)

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