WIP Wednesday and then some…

First, I have an FO to share! I finished my Moonraker Cowl!

This is before I loosely blocked it. I’m testing some samples I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool from Kookaburra.

I used the Kookaburra wash with Lavender. It’s a very light wash. The bottle said one cap full for hand-washing but I used two. I love the gentle scent. It seems much more delicate than their original tea tree scent. Unlike Soak, it didn’t foam up when I washed my cowl.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review. I’m going to use their delicate wash on baby clothes and use their all-purpose concentrate in my spray bottle. As a disclaimer, I am not being paid to write any reviews. I was given samples at a yarn festival and mentioned I had a blog. That’s it. My paid-spokesman days ended with my voice-over career.

Back to WIP-ness! Here’s my sock yarn blanket. Now that I finished my cowl, I already started a square with the left-over yarn. One more square and I can start attaching the squares! Woot!

I also got to sit at my wheel today! I spun for a good 15 minutes. It was lovely! Spinning is like riding a bike, you never forget! I need to make sure to sit down at the wheel more often!




Stay tuned…


2 comments on “WIP Wednesday and then some…

  1. cleo14 says:

    Love your blanket already!

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