a WIP and a FO Wednesday!

Hello! I am coming out of the shadows to blog! It’s been crazy busy around here. I’m working on Spawnbeast’s party. I’m totally over-doing it, but it’s his first and I want amazing pictures to show him when he is older. Plus, I’m a whore for a good art project. Have no fear, I will share all the good stuff at a later date.

Today, I will share other fun stuff like a little sewing FO! Way long ago, I told you about my newest (and oldest) sewing machine. It’s a 1912 Singer “Sphinx” Treadle machine. I finally sat down and figured out how to make it run again! It took a whole day of grease, compressed air and hair-pulling frustration but I did it! I decided to do a mini project on it to see how well it sews actual things. One of my knitting friends posted on Facebook about buying a crayon case for her purse when she goes to a restaurant with her son. I thought it was a perfect project!

I dug through my fabric stash and found everything I need. Less than an hour of work and ta-da:

My machine did great, it got a little dicey with more than four layers of fabric but that’s to be expected. I finally got the hang of treadling but I do need to tighten the drive band. I even worked out the tension to the point where I’m pretty comfortable using this as my main machine.

In other news, I’m on the second Spawnbeast socks. The first one is finished and looks like it may fit the little guy by winter or spring. I’m lucky to get any stitches in these days. Along with Spawnbeast’s party, I’m swamped with Scentsy stuff which is a good thing, I love being busy, but man am I tired. It is go-time all the time.

This picture sums up my life right now. I’m jumping from pile to pile. I can’t wait for fall, I can relax and enjoy the weather. I’ll go on nice long walks, wear sweaters and obsess over all the pumpkin flavored things.

I can’t wait.




Stay tuned….


2 comments on “a WIP and a FO Wednesday!

  1. Your old sewing machine sounds awesome! I’ve been keeping my eye open for Singers but have yet to spot any in the wild. Great job on all the projects. :)

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